Did you know that your breastfeeding journey begins before birth???

There is a lot you can do ahead of time to prepare and have the best journey possible!

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Take a prenatal breastfeeding class

In breastfeeding classes, you will learn about technique (like positioning and latching), how to know that your baby is eating enough, ways to increase your supply, common obstacles, and solutions, and more. Here is one of our favorites — you can enjoy the classes right online!

Schedule a prenatal consult

During this 1:1 appointment, a lactation consultant can answer all of your questions and Concerns, as well as provide tips specifically for you and your body. If you struggled with breastfeeding previously, whether through a low supply or painful latch, the consultant can provide a plan and address any medical causes that are occurring.

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Order your breast pump

Many mamas don’t realize this, but breast pumps are usually covered by insurance!

Check with your provider and order yours so you have it when needed. You can even practice putting it together while you wait. Sterilize the parts and store them so they’re ready for you when needed. Order your pump here.

Find a Lactation Consultant to work with

A lactation consultant can be a huge help during those first few months.

They can help with any problems you may be experiencing, make sure that you’re on the right track health-wise, and so much more. To find your consultant, check with Lactation Network to see if they can get at least 3 consults approved ahead of time.

Call your insurance to discuss benefits, and get the names of any IBCLCs in your network. Then, research and find a lactation consultant to work with. You deserve to work with the best! If they’re out of network, see about network coverage. These IBCLCs have advanced training.

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Stock up on supplies

Gathering the right tools beforehand can save you time and headache once you’re in the thick of new motherhood.

A great place to start is with nursing pads and breast shells – items that will keep your shirts clean and prevent your nipples from rubbing your clothing and getting further irritated.


Pack your bags!

During delivery time, there is a lot going on. Every ounce of preparedness is helpful, so pack your bags! It’s one less thing you’ll have to think about when the time comes. Here are our must-haves:

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